Kidnappers are penguins who trick pookies and take them they away from their Fam Fam because they don't agree with
Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.42.19 PM

A pookie trying to hide from a kidnapper.

pookies, and/or are pookie haters.


Kidnapping started when pookies were at the pinnacle of their popularity. Since pookies, pets and other things are dying out now, kidnappers aren't as common anymore. Although some might still be out there, so keep an eye out.


  • There aren't many known kidnappers around today. 
  • If a pookie is smart, they (and other pookies if there are any) may make a plan to hide from a kidnapper. 
  • Sometimes kidnapping is done for a video or a mere dare.

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