Killer Pookies are very evil pookies. They mainly kill their siblings, parents, and/or other pookies at the Pet Shop or 

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A pookie (presumably a killer pookie) about to stab a penguin.

at a pookie contest. Killer pookies are very often pookie haters in disguise, and they mainly act like one too. Most killer pookies get banned often, due to violence. They are off the AMP scale, which makes them rare and destructive at the same time.

What Would They Wear?

They usually wear dark clothing, but sometimes they wear normal pookie clothing or diva-ish clothing so that other pookies and parents will not know that they are evil.

(NOTE - Just because a pookie is seen wearing these following items listed does not mean it's a killer. Don't judge from what you see.)

Head Items

  • Tiara
  • The Flitter Flutter
  • The Flutterby (uncommon)
  • The Befluttered (uncommon)
  • The Bolero (rarely)
  • The Tuft (male only)
  • The Sunstriker (uncommon, male only)
  • The Trend
  • The Ebony
  • The Sass
  • The Shade-Do
  • The Cleo (very rarely)
  • The Shadowy Spike (uncommon)
  • The Midnight
  • The Wistful
  • The Blackberry
  • The Punk (uncommon)
  • Delta Headset
  • Feathered Hat (not seen often)
  • Anything a normal pookie would wear

Face Items

  • Nothing (most common)
  • Black Sunglasses
  • Black Mask
  • Black Glasses (uncommon)
  • Ninja Mask
  • Mal's Makeup
  • Eyepatch
  • Nick Fury Eyepatch (uncommon)
  • Big Brow
  • Sunglasses (rarely)
  • Anything a normal pookie would wear

Neck Items

  • Halloween Scarf
  • Black Bowtie (only on male evil pookies)
  • Black Cape
  • Black or White Feathered Boa
  • Phoenix Wings
  • Raven Wings
  • Shadow Wings
  • Enchanted Wings
  • Hawkeye Quiver And Bow (uncommon)
  • Anything a normal pookie would wear

Body Items

  • Black Hoodie
  • Intense Hoodie
  • Black Vest Outfit
  • Black Skater Shirt
  • Layered Marshmallow Look
  • Up To No Good Suit
  • Witch Hazel Dress
  • Enchanted dress
  • Cat Burglar Outfit
  • Brady's Biker Outfit
  • Carlos' Outfit
  • Nick Fury Coat
  • Deflection Vest
  • Mime Costume
  • Perky Punk Outfit
  • Happy Punk O-Ween
  • Hockey Referee
  • Astro Barrier T-Shirt
  • Black Party Dress
  • Black Letterman Jacket
  • Skeleton Suit
  • Anything a normal pookie would wear

Hand Items

  • Iron Lantern
  • Black MP3000
  • Pirate's Hook
  • Magician's Wand
  • Emperor Palptine Cane
  • Butchy's Gloves
  • Spikester Cuffs
  • Black Watch
  • Cloud Wave Bracers
  • Sif's Sword
  • Anything a normal pookie would wear

Feet Items

  • Black Hiking Boots
  • Black Zoot Shoes
  • Black Sneakers
  • Candy Corn Shoes
  • Snapper Slippers
  • Brady's Shoes
  • Hockey Skates (rarely)
  • Pink Bow Dress Shoes (uncommon)
  • Black Studded Shoes
  • Black Flats
  • Squeak-Proof Shoes
  • Anything a normal pookie would wear

What They Do

As stated above, killer pookies are extremely evil. Sometimes they may be the offspring of a Domino Diva or MELD. Killer pookies often disguise them self as normal pookies, so others will not know that they are killer pookies. Once they are adopted, they will usually act like a normal pookie. However, when the mumu/duh duh isn't looking, on BRB, or lost connection, they will reveal them self as a killer pookie in front of the wista broder or anyone in the igloo. Sometimes, killer pookies may reveal them self right away. When you see a killer pookie in the act, don't act right away. If you act right away, it may try to kill you. To check if your pookie is a killer pookie, use a Fake BRB.


  • They are worse than most types of divas except for Drama Llamas and Domino Divas.
  • These are likely to be the pookies of killer mumus/duh duhs
  • They are also likely to be the pookies of MELMs.
  • They may skill their mumu, but it's mostly their sibling(s)
  • They almost never want to be adopted alone, in order to kill another pookie.
  • At pookie contests, if they are out, they might turn into a dragon/monster/ghost etc and skill the other pookies and/or the missy moo.
  • It is very rare they will have a related twin, triplets or quadruplets.
  • Like most divas, a Killer Pookie might argue with their sibling(s) (if any) over who is the youngest and oldest.
  • Sometimes they might have a pet like a MELDU, a dragon or a wolf.

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