The Kitty Cat Eyes are a face item in Club Penguin. Most pookies wear this item to look like eyelashes, but some will wear a different pair of eyelashes. It is also very common on kitties.

Kitty Cat Eyes
Kitty Cat Eyes
The Kitty Cat Eyes in the inventory.

Common on pookie's rating?





Face Item

Member item?





  • They were one of the first mascara face items out.
  • A lot of pookies wore this item on its release, but it is not worn as much anymore.
  • It is common on newbie pookies.
  • In-game, they look exactly alike to the Diva Glam Eyes, the Starlet Eyes, and the Wide Awake Eyes, even though they look different on the player card.
  • Some pookies who wear this item are considered not cute by mumus/duh duhs.
  • The icon in the player's inventory is a shiny black circle, possibly representing a mascara jar.
  • On the Club Penguin App, all of the mascara items look different on the player in-game.


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.13.23 PM

A pookie wearing the Kitty Cat Eyes.

Kitty Cat Eyes ingame

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