There are many items that a player can wear to dress up as a kitty. Below, there is a complete list of useful possibilities.


If wearing the Snow Leopard Costume or Orange Tabby Costume, one could wear:

  • Tiara
  • Queen's Crown
  • Earmuffs
  • Feathered Tiara
  • Ice Crown
  • The Glamorous (very uncommon on normal kitties, but common on diva kitties)
  • The Noir (very rare on normal kitties, though seen often on diva kitties)
  • The Willow Wisp / The Wisp (very rare on normal kitties, though seen often on diva kitties)




  • Snow Leopard Costume (seen on almost every kitty)
  • Orange Tabby Costume (very common too, but the Snow Leopard Costume is more common)
  • Kitty Costume (mostly on diva kitties, which are very uncommon)
  • Orange shirt (common on non members)
  • Sunset Dress (not seen often due to rarity)
  • Layered Sunset Dress
  • Topaz Dress
  • Gold Princess Dress
  • Yellow Sun Dress
  • Yellow Cheer Leading Dress
  • Any color hoodie (more commonly black or yellow than others)
  • Ruffled Dress (common on pookies and uppies alike)
  • Safety Vest
  • Yellow Fiesta Dress
  • Yellow Raincoat (not seen often due to rarity)
  • Yellow Shirt
  • Midnight Glamour Dress
  • Black Party Dress
  • Black Letterman Jacket
  • Sailor's Shirt (black and white form is more common than the red and white one, since red is not a color kitties often wear)
  • Beach Dress
  • Any Black, Orange, Yellow, Brown, or White dress or shirt




  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Gray (only seen on CPPS users, since gray is not available to players on CP)


  • Kitties have the most variants out of every Pet Shop member, not counting discolored pookies.
  • However, uppies and kitties are tied when you count the breeds of uppies.
  • Uppies usually think of kitties as prey, so they may attack them.
  • Kitties are not very common.