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Lies are a common offense with almost every MELD, although regular pookies may do it as well. It is usually used when, for instance, a pookie hits another pookie, and the mumu comes back or sees. The victim would usually state the truth, like "sissy/wista/wister/broder/meanie pushed mwe!". The liar would claim "is nice!" or "didn't push/hurt/slap/kick (pookie name)!". However, lies are not always meant for evil, and may be used to escape a Pookie Hater, for example.

Liars are more than likely to get caught, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, the innocent pookie is blamed for the meanie's actions.   

Examples of lies


A pookie telling a lie.

Fam Fam members upset

  • When the liar breaks something and tells their mumu they didn't break it
  • When a liar steals something and hides it and then tells their mumu that a different pookie stole it and hid it when their mumu finds it
  • When the liar claims they have taken a bath, but hasn't
  • When the liar claims they have eaten their breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper, but hasn't
  • When a pookie tells everyone at a pookie contest that a winners (whatever) is mean to them even though they started it
  • When a pookie doesn't want their sibling and then convinces their mumu that they are a bad pookie

Fam Fam members injured

  • When a pookie inflicts any form of injury upon someone and then claims they didn't do it
  • When a pookie commits one of the above lies but accidentally hurts someone while they do it and then claim that it wasn't them