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Lies are common with almost every MELD. It is usually when, say for instance, a pookie hits another one, and the mumu comes back. The other pookie would say "sissy/wista/wister pushed mwe!" or something similar. And the pookie would say "is nice!" or "didn't push/hurt/slap/kick (pookie name)!"

They are more than likely to get caught, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, the innocent pookie is blamed.   

Examples of lies


A pookie telling a lie.

  • When a pookie breaks something and tells the mumu they didnt break it
  • When another pookie hits someone and tells mumu they do it
  • When MELDUs tell the mumu that the owner didnt bully anyone
  • If a pookie stole something and hid it and told mumu that other pookie stole it when their mumu finds it
  • When a diva tells everyone on a pookie contest that a winners (whatever) is mean to them even though they started it
  • When a pookie doesnt want their sibling and then tell mumu they are a bad pookie.
  • When a pookie pretends to take a bath and doesn't
  • When a MELDU bites an "uglee pookie" and claims they didn't bite them

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