Lifeguards are penguins that save pookies and other penguins if they are drowning. Lifeguards work at the Underground Pool, the Underground Lake, The Beach, and The Cove. The Cove is the most popular place

A female lifeguard.

Friendly to pookies?

Normally. Lifeguards are mixed; some are lovers, some are neutrals, and some are haters.

Gender ratio?

Perfectly even.



where lifeguards are found.

The ins and outs of lifeguards

It is easy to know who is a lifeguard and who isn't. Lifeguards usually wear a lifeguard uniform, a life saver, and other accessories of their choice (hair, sunglasses, etc). They usually sit at the lifeguard chair, and rescue penguins if they are drowning or hurt. Sometimes, if the mumu/duh duh has a private pool in their backyard, they may hire a lifeguard by shouting "LIFEGUARD NEEDED AT MY IGGY" or something similar, in a

Lifeguard Male

A male lifeguard.

popular place on Club Penguin. However, most parents would just jump right in anyway if their pookie(s) is/are drowning, so private lifeguards are kind of pointless, unless you can't swim. Most lifeguards are biggies and preps, who may choose to work part time as a lifeguard to earn some cash.


  • Sometimes, there are no lifeguards at the place where you are going to swim, so either you have to be one yourself, or take chances.
  • Divas and MELDS usually try annoy the lifeguard by constantly drowning and causing drama each time they go swimmy.
  • Some biggies have crushes on a certain lifeguard, and will ask to go to the Cove or another swimming place often to see the girl/boy.
  • Sometimes, the lifeguard can be a pookie hater, and choose to not save the pookie.

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