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A Loch Ness Monster is a monster rarely seen on CP. They usually eat Pookies, but they can be nice. Most of the time, they skill pookies for food. Most of the time, they are mistaken for dragons.

Good Monsters

Good monsters like pookies and protect them from dangers, such as mean monsters, ghosts or vampires. They do anything to save their owner and also enjoy being with them. They love playing with their owner and they usually eat things like meat and sometimes they eat fruits and vegetables, but to make them eat them, hide them in their food, or they will never eat them, as long as they don't like them. Whenever a good monster gets angry, they destroy lots of things. This rarely happens, especially if it's an adult. These kinds are typically found at the Pet Shop as eggs waiting to hatch.

Bad Monsters

Bad ones will kill pookies and eat them, and can set fire to anything. If you ever see one, run away from it quickly and hide behind something until the dragon leaves. Then report the attack immediately. Dragon attacks are currently rare, and try to avoid bad dragons at all times. However, when you see a monstr, don't just assume it is a bad one.



A Mean Loch Ness Monster Trying To Eat A Pookie.

  • Elmo is a good monster.

A Nice Loch Ness Monster

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