Pookies don't have lunch very often. But when they do they might have soup, sandwiches or mac and cheese. A lot of pookies don't have lunch because they are out doing various activities with their fam fam instead of sitting around and eating. If a family is bored and/or not doing anything, they may have lunch.  
Pookies eating at pizza

Pookies and a mumu eating lunch at the Pizza Parlor.

 Some things a pookie might eat for lunch: 

  • Cheese sandwiches 
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 
  • Ham sandwiches 
  • Chicken sandwiches 
  • Tuna sandwiches 
  • Elmo sandwiches 
  • Elmo soup 
  • Tomato soup 
  • Veggie soup 
  • Slice of pizza 
  • Mac and cheese (usually character themed) 
  • Fruit salad  
  • Spaghetti (usually character themed)  
  • Happy meal  
  • Garlic bread  
  • Egg sandwiches  
  • Bagels  
  • Yogurt  
  • Cheese quesadilla  
  • Chicken quesadilla  
  • Elmo quesadilla   
  • Elmo chicken nuggets  

At stool or Pre K pookies might be given school lunches or they may bring a packed lunch to eat. It's quite common to experience lunch-time while in Pre K. 

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