What a Meld may look like

Mean Evil Lying Divas (MELD for short) are a type of pookie. They are like divas, except worse, in which they will lie behind their parent's back. They are just below drama llamas in the AMP Scale. "MELD" is not a term usually seen in Club Penguin or CPPSes.

What they do

MELDs do not act like normal bully pookies. Instead, they are much more tricky to handle and much worse. MELDs try to frame you by being mean to you and then blaming it all on you.  If a mumu/duh duh is on BRB, the MELD will bully you, and when the mumu/duh duh comes back, the MELD blames all the trouble on you. Thus, framing you for everything they did. Most will:

  • Get others to side with them, like a sibling or a family pet.
  • Act perfect and like little angels when your friends are watching.
  • Blame everything on you and act cute to get away with it.
  • Throw a fit or get really sad when you try to blame stuff on them.
  • Acting spoiled
  • Attention Seeking

How To Protect Yourself

If you find yourself being attacked by a MELD, there are several things you can do to protect yourself.

  • Leave the igloo and/or family.
  • Choose a different server and find a new mumu.
  • Report the MELD and/or ignore them.
  • Try to ignore the MELD without using the ignore feature.
  • Tell the mumu/duh duh.

How To Spot A MELD

  • Perform a fake BRB by following the steps below.
    1. Say BRB.
    2. Do not leave, and idle for a few minutes.
    3. Say "back", then kick out the MELD.
  • Go on BRB, then check the chat log to see if there has been a MELD.


  • Male MELDs are, for some reason, rare. 
  • Some MELD uppies will abandon their MELD owner and side with the pookies who were bullied. 
  • MELDs often don't have partners. Sometimes they will let their sibling be a MELD with them. Usually, MELDs only have siblings if the sibling is rare.
  • Sometimes, meanie mumus will have a MELD and/or MELDU. She will let them bully the other pookie and pretend not to notice.
  • Sometimes, a MELD may use a "mind control ray" to make mumus who didn't ignore their actions believe that they didn't do the 'crime'. However, this is very rare.
  • Sometimes a MELD will try to get the pookie they are bullying to be in a time-out or worse by doing this behind your back (e.g. slapping the pookie in the face and then blaming the other for slapping the MELD in the face).
  • MELDs may use the term "PAW" which means "Parents Are Watching".
  • MELDs usually prefer mumus with a star on their member badge.
  • Most MELDs are sexist, preferring mumus over duh duhs, and never the opposite.
  • Some MELDs are item adder pookies.

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