Clothing Icons 5053
The black variant of the MP3000.

Common rating on pookies


Worn by pookies?

Yes, sometimes.

Often worn by

Biggies, middles and mumus. Pookies wear these sometimes.

MP3000s are an item in Club Penguin often worn by biggies, middles and mumus. They are sometimes used as phones.

Bandicam 2015-07-13 20-35-37-330

A mumu wearing it.


MP3K (white)

Black MP3000 (black)

Green MP3000 (green)

Gold MP3000 (gold)

MP3000 Bling Edition (black with white dots scattered about)

MP3000 Workout (green with strap that attatches to your penguin's flipper)

Orange MP3000 (orange with earbuds shaped like oranges)

Pink MP3000 (pink)

Purple MP3000 (purple)


  • It is normally a members only item, as you can see mainly members wearing it.

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