Magical Pookies are pookies who have magic. Most magic pookies keep their powers a secret. Magic pookies may have wand magic, or wandless magic.

Wand Pookies


A Typical Wand Pookie.

Wand pookies do magic with their magic wand. They usually show thier powers to their mumu or siblings.

Common Catchphrases

Waves Wittle Magic Wand In Air!

Makes Sparkles Come Out Of Wand!
Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.49.18 PM

Another wand pookie.

Transforms Into (insert random item here!)

Magically Levitates Into Air!

Makes Bubbles Come Out Of Wand!

Magically Transforms Clothes!

Makes Hair Grow With Magic!

Wandless Pookies

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.52.05 PM

Another Wandless Pookie, but this one is using magic, like the other one!

Just like wand pookies, but don't use a wand. they do magic with their hands. This is more common than wand pookies. Generally, they are viewed as more powerful than wand pookies. Wandless Pookies are split into 2 types, Artificial and Natural.

A Typical Wandless Pookie

Common Catchphrases

Makes Waves Crash On Sea!

Makes Snow Fall Gently On Ground!

Transforms Into (insert random item here!)

Levitates Into Air!

Keeps Amulet Beside Bed! (if you have amulet)

Makes Grass Turn To Ice!

Artificial Wandless Pookies

These pookies are trained by magic teachers and the teacher give them powers. A teacher might have a private student, or a class. A class is known as Magic Pre-K, or a special magic school (like CPWS).

Natural Wandless Pookies

They are born or hatched with the father depending on whether the mumu/duh duh both have powers or only one. If the mumu just has powers, it's more likely for the pookie to have powers, but they may not get them. If the duh duh only has powers it is most likely for the pookie to have powers also. The Pookie will show signs that they are ready to learn magic. It is recommended to try and contain the magic until they are 8 so they are mature enough to handle it. The Mumu/duh duh Will teach them their powers. Signs of Pookies getting their powers are :

  • Their flippers sparkle
  • Anything magic-like or something similar to it
  • They are saying words and things magically poof up

If you adopted a pookie and they have these signs, their birth mumu / duh duh could've had magic and very rarely, a grandama/pa or aunt/uncle great grandma/pa/etc. had magical powers and had them then take them to a hospital or any magical person / thing you know/


  • They are sometimes fakers who pretend to be magic with a toy wand.
  • Many pookies who expose their magic to public mainly want attention.
  • Some pookies like to pretend they are magical pookies, rather than faking it.

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