Mean Evil Lying Biggies (abbreviated as MELB) are biggies that may work for the PHD, (Pookie Hater Defense) and try to skill pookies and middles whenever the mumu is on brb, or has lost connection. They usually are ultra-rare, and they will usually abuse you and do this for instance:

  • Lock you in a closet and/or feed you animal food.
  • Toss you around.
  • Beat you up.
  • Blame you on stuff they do.
  • Try to skill(kill) you.
  • Put you in the oven and/or cook you.
  • Throw you out the window.
  • Whip you with a belt or a similar object.
  • Throw various object at you, like a rock or a ball.
  • Destroy your most prized posessions.
  • Scare you.
  • Isolate you.
  • Poison you.
  • Make you do dirty work while they relax.

MELBs aren't seen very often, because of bans, their population is decreasing, some MELBs are still out there. They are mostly seen spying in the Pet Shop as "puffle handlers," and watch the other pookies, and usually go to a mumu's iggy and attack anyone that is in there. They are most likely to skill everyone.