A MELDU is short for Mean Evil Lying Diva Uppie. They are like MELDS, but they are uppies. Most MELDUS are biters. They bite others or treat them rudely when no one is looking, and blames it on another pookie.


  • "owner is nice!"
  • "barks"
  • "growls"
  • "snarls"
  • "eats (adjective) (food)"
  • "attacks ugly pookie!"
  • "kneads owner ever so cutely!"
  • "owner didn't push/hurt/slap/kick/hit/injure (pookie's name)!"

How To Not Fall For MELDU Tricks

These are very easy ways. If these do not work, think of a better option, or if you can, contact a pookie protecter.

1. Report them and ignore them.

2. Give them a fake lead to where you are going. For example, you say "goes to plaza!" when really you're going to your igloo.

3. Try to irritate them. When they try to talk to you say things like "what?" or "sorry can't hear you!". This isn't the best option.

4. Abuse or kill them. This, like number 3, isn't the smartest option. Please be careful, because the person behind the screen being the MELDU may be a very young child.

5. If these do not help, contact your mumu/duhduh next time you encounter a MELDU.

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