Mean Evil Lying Mumus (abbreviated as MELM) are like meanie mumus, but these work in a community. They are very abusive and they never love their pookies at all. Since they're one of the greatest threats to pookies, their community is also one of the PPP's worst enemies. They do evil things to pookies, uppies, kitties, and even random penguins.

What They Do

MELMs do a lot of rude, or even harmful things. Here is a list of the things they may do:

  • Dropkicking them
  • Attempting to skill (kill) them
  • Making them clean the whole house
  • Shooting them
  • Scarring them
  • Kitting (hitting) them
  • Wicking (kicking) them
  • Bitting (biting) them
  • Bunching (punching) them
  • Throwing them in the oven
  • Locking them in a cage
  • Hitting them with a baseball bat/golf club/frying pan etc
  • Poisoning them
  • Burning their clothes
  • Starving them
  • Holding their head underwater
  • Isolating them
  • Threatening them
  • Hanging them
  • Throwing various objects at them (rocks, boxes etc)
  • Whipping them with a belt or rope
  • Throwing them out the window
  • Feeding them animal food
  • Putting their teddy in a shredder
  • Burning them
The meanest mum (in cpps) of the world, Bhipster.

What a MELM would do.


Another example of what a melm would do.


  • Sometimes MELMs will abuse you right away when you go to their iggy. Others prefer to gain your trust, then start to abuse you.
  • It is very rare that a pookie lover is being a meanie mumu just for a dare, role-play, or video.
  • It is very rare that pookies will be a meanie mumu/duh duh when they grow up, even if they were abused by one. 
  • Rarely, there are also meanie duh duhs.
  • It's very rare for them to abuse a pookie when they are in the Pet Shop. This is because it will turn other pookies and the one(s) they're trying to adopt away from them.
  • They tend to act like normal mumus in the Pet Shop.
  • Sometimes, they will feel bad for adopting (a) pookie(s) and abusing them. They may say they're sorry to their pookie(s) and say they will never abuse again.
  • If a Protector spots a MELM on YouTube, he/she reports the MELM by writing fan mail to them with the video link, and asking if they (the Protectors) are allowed to report her if they ever see her. Almost 80% of the times they are given the permission they need.
  • Sometimes pookies may want a meanie mumu and say "Wants meanie mumu". This is usually because they want to understand how it feels like to be tortured or abused.
  • Sometimes meanie mumus may state they are mean in the Pet Shop.This usually hinders the chances of pookies picking them. They may also advertise and say, "Free mean mumu!" or something similar.
  • It is rare that a MELM will just abuse (a) biggy(ies), middle(s), or pet(s).

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