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What a girl might wear to Middle School.

Middle School (also known as Junior High) is a place where pookies go after they graduate from Elementary/Primary School. As soon as they start Middle School, they become middles. In about a year or so, they will become much older middles. After the middle graduates Middle School, they will become biggies in High School.


Where Middle School is usually held.


  • Most Fam fam members first go to Pre-School, then Stool, then Middle School, then High School, and finally, College/University, unless if they are homeschooled.
  • It is mostly held in the University, unlike Stool and Pre-School, which are usually held in the Bookroom.
  • Middle School is sometimes held at the mumu/duh duh's or another penguin's igloo.
  • Middle School almost never has school uniforms.
  • Some middles just skip straight to High School, although this is not very common.