Milk or Milky is the primary food of newborns and younger pookies. It usually comes in a baby bottle (Elmo bottle, Teddy Town bottle, any pookie TV show bottle), so that newborns can suck from it. If pookies begin to cry, it may be because they want milk. Rarely, pookies may drink milk from cups.



  • Some pookies are lactose intolerant, and may be sick after drinking it. (Not just pookies can be lactose intorerant. Biggies, uppies, middles, kitties, and other members of the Fam Fam can be too).
  • Sometimes, older pookies will enjoy flavored milk (like chocolate milky or strawberry milky). Try giving your pookie fruit milk! They might like it!
  • Newborns may have trouble using a bottle so you may need to help them drink their bottle from their milk.
  • When pookies grow teeth, stop giving them milk and berry mush mush, begin to feed them regular food.
  • If you have a baby uppie or kitty, you will also have to feed them milk as well.

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