A missy moo.

A "Missy Moo" or "Missy" is simply what pookies call any female adult penguin who is not their mumu.

Other Names For a Missy Moo

Pwetty Wady


Meanie Beanie (if the female is mean to them)


Some pookies call their mumus "missy moo". This is neither rare nor uncommon.

Types of Missy Moos

The Rare Missies

The Rare Missy Moos, also known as 'The Rare Missies' may not be very common to see. Like every other missy moo, they are in pookie contests. Like every other rare/preppy mumu, they may sometimes pick no followers and pick rare pookies. Others, may be MELMS. Melms are short for 'Mean Evil Lying Mumu'. They are the female grown up version of 'Mean Evil Lying Divas'. MELD for short.

Rare Missy Trivia

  • They may be MELMS
  • They pick rare pookies sometimes
  • They are in pookie contests
  • They don't like new pookies with new items in the catalog, as the second item on the list says above, it may be possible sometimes that they only pick rare pookies.

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