Pink Mittens
The Pink Mittens.

Common on pookies rating.


Range of patterns/colors?

Yes (Blue, Pink, Mauve, Purple, Red, Grey, and Green).

Member Item?

Yes (Pink, Blue, Mauve, Cool Mittens, Sweet Mittens, and Smitten Mittens) but no for the others.


Yes (Green and Grey), no for the others.

Seen on pets?

Rarely, but yes.

Mittens are an common item worn by pookies. There are many different colors, but the most popular colors are pink and blue. Pookies usually wear this item when it is winter. They also wear it because it looks cute.


  • Most pookies wear it during the winter time.
  • Most pookies wear them when they are cold.
  • If it is not winter, cold, or the theme is winter or Christmas for a pookie contest theme, pookies will almost never wear this item.
  • The popularity of mittens increased since their return in the 2015 Holiday Calendar.
  • When Club Penguin Rewritten released this and Earmuffs there the pookie population went crazy.


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