Monkey Stuffie
Monkey Stuffie icon
What it looks like.

Common rating on pookies.



150 tickets

Obtained from?

The Fair 2015, Item Adders.

Who wears it?

Pookies, pets, and sometimes young middles. It can rarely be seen on mumus, but it has been noticed before.


A pookie holding the Monkey Stuffie.

The Monkey Stuffie is an uncommon hand item found on pookies. Many pookies are found wearing this on the CP app. It was very common around the time the 2015 fair was open. Since the Dude Stuffie came out in September 2015, and the Blue Puffle Stuffie will be forever available (in the clothing catalog), this item is becoming less and less common.


  • It is one of the many stuffed animals.
  • The monkey's tail doesn't appear in game.
  • It is common on newbie pookies.

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