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With Club Penguin being a game aimed at younger children and  pre-teens, and the original generation of role-players now grown up, most have either lost interest in the game or are occupied by other things in life. Due to this phenomenon, the population of pookies and related groups had highly declined. Therefore, newer users have begun to roleplay a such. It is nowadays very uncommon to see pookies and their related groups to roleplay the old-fashioned, "correct" way.  This phenomenon is commonly referred to as "Moving On".

Positive Points

  • Less likely to be discriminated on basis of gender, rarity, etc.
  • Lower amount of divasdrama llamas, etc. (For more information, please visit this page.)
  • Higher traffic in Club Penguin.
  • Lower amount of stereotypes and "routines" in the roleplay.
  • New styles and looks.

Negative Points

  • Breaking away from the "conventional and traditional" points of the roleplay.


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