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These are some mumus


An average Mumu.

Mumus are the people who adopt pookies. They are normally very nice but they are sometimes mean. There are a few different catagories of mumus.

Nice Mumus

Nice mumus are the mumus you most often see. They are always very nice to most pookies. When you are adopted by one, they will be very sweet to you. Nice mumus are always kind and loving, unlike meanie mumus, which is why most pookies want them.  

Meanie Mumus

Meanie Mumus are mumus who are really mean to you. They can be pookie haters. When you are adopted by one, they will be very mean to you, force you to do chores, or even abuse you! MELMs are a type of meanie mumus.

Rich Mumus

Rich mumus are mumus who usually pick divas and anything above. They usually only like the rare pookies and pamper and spoil you if you are adopted by one. They show their pookies off like they are little trophies.

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