Mumus (sometimes called mom (mum in the UK). mother or wife by older Fam Fam members, but mostly "mumu") are female penguins who adopt pookies from the Pet Shop and pretend to be the "mother" of the pookie. They are normally very nice, but they can sometimes be mean. Some are very rich, and usually only pick ”rare” pookies. A mumu may have a husband, called a Duh Duh, or a mother, father, sister or brother of their own.


A mumu.

Types of mumus

Nice Mumus

Nice mumus are the majority of the mumu population, and the ones pookies most often see. They are always very sweet and nice towards their pookies, hence their name. Nice mumus are always kind and loving, unlike meanie and sometimes rich mumus, which is why most pookies want them. New mumus often fall into this category.  

Meanie Mumus

Meanie Mumus are very cruel to their pookies and can be Pookie Haters secretly. They force their pookies to do difficult chores, and even abuse them. Forms of abuse include throwing their pookies in the oven, injuring them and even killing (skilling) them. MELMs are a type of meanie mumu that abuse pookies for a living. Some pookies enjoy meanie mumus and may say “wants meanie mumu!” to try and get one. In reverse, some mumus may do the dance action and say “free meanie mumu!”. These meanie mumus are usually nice or rich mumus, and are only being a meanie mumu for their pookie’s enjoyment.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8.24.12 PM

An example of a rich mumu.

Rich Mumus

Rich mumus are rare, and usually have a big igloo. They usually only pick divas, rare pookies and anything above, but some may pick unrare or nicer pookies. Most rich mumus make a dramatic entrance. Rich mumus love to pamper and spoil their pookies, and they show their pookies off like they are trophies. Sometimes, they spoil their pookies so much that if they are under the AMP rank of Diva, they rise up and become a Diva. Preps may grow up into rich mumus.

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