If you are planning to be a mumu, and you don't know what to say, you have come to the right place!


A mumu using details.

Arriving at the Pet Shop

  • "Golden limo pulls up outside pet shop"
  • "golden jet lands outside pet shop"
  • "teddy town jet lands outside pet shop"
  • "mumu of the year jet lands outside pet shop"
  • "elmo jet lands outside pet shop"
  • "red/golden carpet rolls out onto pet shop floor"
  • "steps out of teddy town jet with Chanel flats"
  • "steps out of golden jet/limo/ferrari"
  • "steps out of diamond Ferrari!"
  • "strolls in!"
  • "walks down red/golden carpet"
  • "waves to screaming fans"
  • "signs autographs for rays of sunshine!"
  • "sassily sways out of paparazzi to choose the butter on her bread"
  • "Pushes empty (color) stroller with mini TV"
  • "walks sassy like cheerleaders in the movies!"

Picking a pookie

  • "is director of teddy town/bunny barn/Elmo"
  • "scans room with (insert adjective) (insert color) eyes"
  • "can't decide who will be my ray of sunshine!"
  • "spots from Disneyland/Paris/Elsa's castle/Cinderella's castle/a million miles away"
  • "spots cutie!
  • "sees the butter of my bread!"
  • "glances at the cutest pookie in the whole world!"
  • "bends down slowly to not scare muffin moo!"
  • "why hello there cutie!"
  • "hello there, little pumpkin!"
  • "why hello there princess!"
  • "why hello there muffin moo!"
  • "hi there cutie pop!"
  • "scoops up faster than last boa on sale!"
  • "scoops up faster than melting strawberry ice cream!"
  • "scoops up so is not picked by anyone else!"
  • "holds in marshmallow-soft flippers!"
  • "twirls like Tinkerbell/a little princess!"
  • "twirls in warm summer/midnight breeze!"
  • "whispers in ear so others don't get jelly!"
  • "whispers in mushy ear!"
  • "will you be my princess foreva and eva/the butter on my bread?"
  • "I pick you princess!"
  • "I pick you sweetheart!"
  • "I pick you!"
  • "will you be my pookie?"
  • "no cuties!"

Leaving with your pookie

  • Gently sets down in pink/fluffy/Teddy Town/Elmo/designer/ect stroller!
  • Points up to sky as (adjective/noun) jet lands!
  • Golden limo drives up to street corner!
  • Helps pookie up into jet!
  • Places pookie in Elmo car seat and straps in!
  • Settles into Elmo diamond limo!
  • Straps into jet with jelly straps!
  • Mini TV Pops Up!
  • Turns on Teddy Town/Elmo/Bunny Barn/other show!
  • Hands silver remote!
  • Nods to driver!
  • Flies to iggy!
  • Drives to iggy!
  • My iggy!

At your iggy with your pookie

  • This is your new home!
  • Helps out of jet!
  • Shows around new home!
  • Smiles at warmly!
  • Makes Elmo mac and cheese!
  • Welcome home sweetie!
  • You'll have good dinners here unlike the Pet Shop!
  • Your new name is (insert any pookie name here)!
  • I'll call you (insert any pookie name here)!
  • Picks up little muffin moo!
  • Puts tiara on peach fuzz head!
  • Gives new clothes!
  • Gives golden Elmo plushie!
  • Gives pink Elmo doll!
  • Gives diamond Elmo!
  • Puts in cute little Elmo/Teddy Town/Bunny Barn/other pookie show tuxedo/dress!
  • Fixes bed!
  • Pumpkin, this is your new room!
  • Welcome home, pookie!
  • Would you care for some food?
  • Are you hungry, sweetie?
  • Gives lollipop to little ray of sunshine!

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