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An example of a member mumu.

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An example of a non-member mumu

Mumus wear many outfits. Some are unique things. Some may be used to look rich. However, this page can list most items mumus combine and wear as outfits.





  • Dazzle Dress
  • Detective's Coat
  • Night Sky Prom Dress (very common)
  • Blue Dazzle Dress
  • Shimmer Diva Dress
  • Lavender Gown
  • Beach Dress
  • Pretty as a Petal Dress
  • Among The Stars Mint Dress (rarely)
  • Firefighter Jacket
  • Midnight Glamor Dress
  • Bikini (when swimming)



  • Ballet Shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Sandals
  • Bunny Slippers (uncommon)
  • Nothing
  • Stardust Slippers
  • Blue Stardust Slippers
  • Pink Bow Dress Shoes
  • Sunset Dress Shoes
  • Fuzz Boots

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