A mumu contest

A mumu contest

A Mumu Contest is a very rare contest on Club Penguin hosted by a pookie that wish to find their perfect mumu. These are far rarer than Pookie Contests but they still do exist. Pookies almost always do the Chair Contest when they ask mumus to compete. They usually do not get the best number of visits. Usually, the more cute and rare items a pookie has, the better chances he/she will get a good number of visitors.


Mumu contests usually have some different themes than pookie contests. Here are some examples:


  • Sometimes a duh duh will come to one. A duh duh at one of these will probably be told "NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!" or "GET OUT!!! If a duh duh comes, he will probably not win, as the pookie may want to get rid of him but not seem like a diva, or because the questions are more suited to mumus.
  • Sometimes, there will be a "duh duh Contest". However, the chance of finding this is about the chance of seeing a "Room" Pookie Contest more than once.

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