Mumu fights can usually be seen in the Pet Shop on popular pookie servers like Iceberg or Blizzard. They are when two or more mumus fight over a cute or rare pookie because they want to adopt him/her.

Why they happen


Two mumus fighting over a pookie on

A typical mumu fight starts when two or more mumus walk up to a pookie close to the same time. They will both try to pick the pookie, and the pookie will usually get confused or even cry. This is when the fight breaks out. A mumu will often claim that she adopted the pookie first.


Sometimes, a pookie will get scared or confused if they are being fought over. Other times, they will be happy because it shows that they are rare, and they will encourage the fight. Pookies might try to walk away from the fight because they don't like crowds, but the mumus will usually follow them. 


  • These are usually found with girl pookies. Very, VERY rarely does it happen with a boy pookie. It will only happen with a boy pookie if the boy in question is very rare.
  • Divas or very cute pookies are normally the cause of mumus fighting.
  • If the pookie is nice, he/she will usually try to be fair and choose the mumu who got there first, but some pookies might just pick the rarer mumu, even if she got there second.
  • This rarely happens with duh duhs.
  • Sometimes, a pookie will get stressed with all of the fighting and say "no" to both mumus and accept another instead.

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