Non member pookie

A possible newbie pookie.

Newbie pookies are pookies that don't know much about the pookie world. They can be members, but they are not rare. They are the most common type of pookie on the Club Penguin. They are usually nice and rarely a diva or a MELD. They may own an uppie, too. They may never win a Pookie Contest, because they may not know how to dress, or they may not have very many outfits. They also almost always accept any mumu/duh duh.


  • They may own an uppie, but this is rare.
  • They may not know pookie language. (i.e: Needs rich member mommy, instead of needs wich member mumu).
  • They may be newer players to Club Penguin.
  • They are mostly newer members or non-members.
  • Not all non members are newbies since some are rare.
  • Newbie pookies may sometimes be Discolored Pookies, because they may not know what color pookies are, although this is rare.

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