A newborn on CP is basically a pookie that has just been born. Rarely, they can be divas. They only drink milky (milk) and if they cry too much they are sometimes abused. Newborn pookies require constant attention and care, just like in real life. Many mumus do not want to put up with the trouble of taking care of one.


A newborn.

Newborn Needs

Newborns require lots of attention. If you choose to adopt one, you should prepare your iggy. Make sure you have a changing table, a crib, a closet (for diapers), a high chair, and a playroom/play mat. Newborns should be given milky or mush three times a day or more of they get hungry. If your newborn begins to cry, try rocking it and cradling it. If this does not work try feeding or changing it. If these attempts fail your pookie may be sick. Make sure your pookie is wearing a diaper or they will make an enormous mess.

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