Basic Information

Nice divas are fairly common yet not spoken of. Nice divas are usually pookies who don't want non-members, or un-rare players as their mumu's, but would still go with it. 

What They Wear

They usually wear girly clothes, like sparkly things, boas, pink and purple things, poofy dresses, or plain dresses. It is uncommon to see them wearing completely black. They also wear other colors ex. sky blue, peach, or teal. They sometimes wear neon colors. It is uncommon to see them having hair or other colors ex. regular blue, black, etc.

Differences of a Nice Diva

Unlike a normal diva, a nice diva would usually not insult other penguins they don't like.. They're usually helpful, though they just have a preference of not liking boys. They usually do not say their thoughts out loud if they hate something.

Nice "Divos"

This is very uncommon since most pookies are female and there are mostly moms in CP. A nice divo is the male version of a nice diva, and they either have a vice versa preference, only liking dads or brothers, or they just like moms and sisters. They act the exact same as nice divas, liking only certain colors, and they do not say their hate-thoughts out loud.

Similarities of a Diva

Many nice Divas still use catchphrases that a normal Diva uses, although they will not use the catchphrases that can hurt other penguins in anyway. For example, many nice Divas may say catchphrases to gain attention and to get picked, similar to Divas.

Divas and Nice Divas also often wear fancy and rare clothes, to increase the chance of getting picked.

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