A non-member is a penguin/player on Club Penguin  who does not have a paid membership. Even though most penguins that go pookie-ing are members, non-members do it as well. However, non-members are heavily discriminated against.

Non-member pookies

Non-member pookies will usually be found on the server Blizzard. They act pretty much the same as member pookies, but since they are usually newbies, they won't have as much experience. For example, they might say "hi" instead of "hwi", and they might not know what a pookie contest is or what an uppie is. Some non-member pookies know pookie language if they were once a pookie, but their membership ran out.

Non-member mumus and duh duhs

Non-member mumus/duh duhs are rather uncommon. Since they don't have an easily-accessible igloo, and since they don't have that much furniture, they rarely try to adopt pookies. However, it has happened! Usually if a nonmember mumu or duh duh adopts a pookie, they will take it to another place on Club Penguin that looks like a home (usually the Puffle Lodge). They are also new to the concept of pookie-ing, unless their membership ran out. Most member pookies will say no to a non-member mumu or duh duh.

Non-member biggies and middles

Biggies and middles can be non-members, also. They will act just like regular biggies and middles, but like non-member pookies, they will be slightly newer to the whole thing, unless of course their membership ran out.

Non-member uppies and kitties

Non-member uppies and kitties are rare. Usually you will only see a few of these in your entire pookie-ing career. They have some of the pet-themed clothing. If you ever do see a non-member uppie or kitty, they will usually not be wearing any clothing, and will often just have the color brown or white or yellow, depending on what color animal they are.


  • Not all non-members are newbies. However, quite a few of them are.


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