Nerd pookie

What a male nookie might look like.

Nerd or geek pookies, aka nookies, are one of the smartest type of pookie. A mumu/duh duh sometimes does not know his/her pookie is a nookie until he/she brings them home. Nookies will usually wear something cute but preppy, like a cheerleader or hockey outfit, glasses, and brown/blonde/red/black hair or braids, like The Summer Sidetied or The Gretel. They are usually very nice and smart, and do a lot of work around the igloo without the need to be asked.


Melody a nookie

What a female nookie might look like.

  • 'reads hard chapter book!'
  • 'plays with Star Wars/Star Trek/Dr. Who figurines!' 
  • 'does math with numbered blocks!'
  • 'fixes glasses!'
  • 'builds replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa/Eiffel Tower/CN Tower/Great Wall of China/Golden Gate Bridge with Legos!'
  • 'watches Star Trek/Dr. Who/Star Wars/Cosmos'
  • 'sketches advanced computer!'


Nookies usually like to go to the library with their fam fam, and go to the children's area to read books, or attend "story time". Usually, they go to the adult, teen, or preteen section and read harder books. Many divas do not like them, and bully them. Nookies usually like to play Video Games, and may not be as outgoing as other pookies. They may occasionally reject chores if they are playing on their computers, or reading a book, as they may want to finish what they are doing.


  • Most Nookies do not speak pookie slang, and speak normal English.
  • They may get bullied at preschool for being "uncool".