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PAW is a term that MELDs and other penguins sometimes use. It stands for "Parents Are Watching", which indicates to everyone to start talking about better things and being nice.


If a penguin or a group of penguins are being rude, inappropriate, or just plain mean and their parent in real life comes up behind them, they use the saying PAW as a secret message for other penguins to start acting nice. Then, when the parent leaves, they say "all clear" or something similar, so that the penguins can start being rude again.
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Another pair of pookies using PAW.

Others Who Use PAW

PAW isn't just for pookies; many preps use it as well. Some penguins who hang around the stadium also use it. PAW started in Club Penguin early 2013, when a lot of penguins started getting unusually mean and inappropriate.

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Two diva siblings using PAW