A pacifier is a toy that will usually calm down newborns and young pookies. Pacifiers are meant to be sucked on. They are often given to newborn pookie so they are quiet and can sleep. This will also help the mumu or duh duh to sleep in case the pookie starts crying during the night. If the pookie also has earmuffs, then the newborn would be able to sleep without distraction and not cry in the night!


A pookie sucking on a pacifier.

Also Known As

  • Soothers
  • Pacis
  • Binkeys (sometimes Binkeh or Binkie)
  • Diddys (rarely)
  • Dodys (rarely)
  • Nummies, noomies or Nonnies (rarely)
  • Dummies

When to use them

You can give your pookie a pacifier when they are upset/crying or throwing a fit. They will calm down the pookie and make the sleepy. Be careful though, using a pacifier too much will sometimes affect a pookie's speech later in life. It is good to take the pacifier away once they are about 2 and a half. Most pookies throw a fit once their pacifier is taken away.

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