Peach is a color on Club Penguin. It only seen on female fam fam members, never male fam fam members. However, there are some exceptions. One exception to this is if a male pookie got sunburned, he may wear this item. Another exception is that discolored male pookies may wear this item. Lastly, male pwigs usually


Seen on pookies?

Only if they are sunburned or discolored.

Seen on which fam fam members?

Biggy wistas, middle wistas, mumus, pwigs, discolored pookies, and sunburned pookies.

Common rarity on discolored pookies.


wear this item.


  • It is also seen on female preps.
  • It is more commonly seen on female fam fam members than brown.

    A biggy wearing peach.


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