Pearl Necklace
The Pearl Necklace.

Full name

Pearl Necklace

Common on pookies rating


Range of patterns/colors?


Member item




Ugliness Rating

Ugly as most Happy Meal toys, which is saying something, as most are worth less than a dollar (8/10).

The Pearl Necklace is an item mostly worn by biggy bros and duh duhs. Sometimes, mumus and pookies might wear this item but you do not see it very often.


  • They are commonly worn by Duh Duhs and Biggy Bros.
  • Mumus do not wear them a lot.
  • They are uncommon to see on girl Pookies, and is sometimes seen on boy pookies (usually those who don't have a scarf).
  • Sometimes, biggy wistas wear them if they do not have a boa or scarf.

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