The Penguin Band Hoodie is a rare body item that appears to be a white zip-up hoodie, complete with the words "PENGUIN BAND" across the chest. It can also be gray, but the white version is more common. It is mostly worn by biggies, middles, and duh duhs; but sometimes worn by mumus and pookies. If it is seen on a pookie, that pookie is usually male, or a tomboy.


  • The Gray Penguin Band Hoodie is called The Black Penguin Band Hoodie, even though the hoodie appears to be gray.

    The White Penguin Band Hoodie.

Penguin Band Hoodie.

Common rating on pookies.


Range of colors/patterns?

Yes (white and gray).

Seen on pets?



The gray one is.


The Gray Penguin Band Hoodie.


A biggy wearing The Gray Penguin Band Hoodie.


A tomboy pookie wearing The White Penguin Band Hoodie.

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