Pet shop
Inside the Pet Shop.

Full name.

Pet Shop.


Puffles, pookies, young middles, middles, biggies, uppies, kitties, bunnies, pwigs, cwows, shweep, hworses, wickens, mumus, duh duhs, au aus, un uns, grampies, grammas, maids, butlers, babysitters, pookie haters, pookie neutrals, and cuz cuzes.


The pet furniture is available there.

How is it related to pookies?

They live there before adoption.

The Pet Shop is the main pookie adoption center in Club Penguin. Almost all pookies live here until they are adopted, or "picked". On the Club Penguin App, pookies are adopted in the Bookroom. Puffles live here and have since before pookies came to Club Penguin. If pookies run away, they return here. Pookies also come here after their mumu and/or duh duh logs out. Pookies are usually found in the Pet Shop in pookie servers, such as Blizzard. Not only is it the base for pookies to get picked, but it's also the base for all of the things revolving around pookies. You can also find uppies, kitties, biggies, middles, and eggs. It's also where penguins advertise their pookie contests, pookie adoption centers, and pookie day cares at their igloos. Pookie haters are also are seen there, saying "NO MORE POOKIES!" (or something similar). They're commonly arrested or stopped by police and Pookie Protectors, who also stand guard there to protect pookies. Most pookie haters don't like how the Pet Shop is treated like an adoption center, and they only want the puffles to be in the Pet Shop. The most common Pet Shop People are pookies, uppies, biggies and mumus.



Video Footage

A Clip of an average day at the pet shop on a busy server

Club Penguin An Average Day at the Pet Shop02:24

Club Penguin An Average Day at the Pet Shop

Look at all the pookies!

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