Pet Shop People (sometimes referred to as Pet Shoppers) is the name Club Penguin players have called the people that roleplay as families, pookies, uppies, mumus, etc.


Pet Shop People reach back all the way to when the first few items of Club Penguin came out.  Eventually the items such as the tiara, boa, and tutu came out, so people started roleplaying as babies, or pookies, in the Pet Shop.  Eventually people got tired of being babies and also knew that if you were a baby you needed a mother, thus mumus were created.  As more and more items were added to CP, people started roleplaying different family roles.  Soon people also started roleplaying as bigger siblings, little siblings, pets, and duh duhs, grandparents and more, thus creating the population of Pet Shop People we have today.  Pet Shop People still continue as CP creates more and more items that can be used for roles, and also more and more furniture for igloos.


Here is a full list of all the members of the Pet Shop People.  Note that roles used only by one person (such as mice, birds, or angels) are not included as they are super rarely seen and normally only played as one person.


Here is a gallery with photos and sliders of some Pet Shop People.