Pizza is a food most pookies and other penguins like to eat. It comes in many types, like seaweed, pepperoni, cheese, and more.

Seaweed Pizza Club Penguin Times 103

Seaweed pizza.

Pookies will go to the Pizza Parlor with their Fam Fam to order a pizza or another food, or maybe even a beverage. Or they will order one via phone call, or maybe even make a pizza with store-bought ingredients.



A chef serving a cheese pizza to a happy red penguin.

  • Rarely, a pookie will hate pizza.
  • It is rare if a pookie will have squid, shrimp or fish pizza, but they have been known to.
  • It is a favorite food for all members of the fam fam.
  • Sometimes pookies will have character themed pizza (like Puffle, Elmo, Bunny Barn, Teddy Town, etc.)
  • Usually, the family will go to a restaurant to order a pizza. Rarely, a parent or older sibling will whip up some pizza from scratch. If this happens, a pookie might want to help.
    Pizza Chef Penguin Style Dec 2006

    A purple penguin with some pizza.

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