Polka-Dot Dress
Green polka-dot dress
The Green Polka-Dot Dress

Rarity on Pookies Rating


Range Of Patterns/Colors?

Yes (Purple, Red, Pink, Green)


Yes (Red and Purple)

The Polka-Dot Dress is a item sometimes worn by pookies. There are four kinds - red, purple, pink, and green.


  • Mumus and biggies sometimes wear this.
  • The Pink and Purple Polka-Dot Dresses are the most common.
  • Pookies usually wear the Pink or Purple Polka-Dot Dresses, although they sometimes wear the Red or Green Polka-Dot Dresses, because both the red and green are rare.
    • Green Polka-dot Dress
    • Red Polka-dot Dress
    • Pink Polka-dot Dress
    • Purple Polka-dot Dress
    • ==Gallery==

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