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What a Pookie Might Look Like on Their Player Card

A pookie is a baby on Club Penguin. They are usually seen at the pet shop saying things like: "pwease pick me!" and acting cute. Almost all pookies wear the color yellow, and they have catchphrases (such as "Smiles so bright mister sun sun gets jelly!") They love attention. Some pookies are naughty, always wanting something (they are called divas). Some pookies are nice. The place they are most seen in is servers with 5 bars in the room of the pet shop, especially Abominable, Alaska, Zipline, and Alpine. Blizzard does not have enough Mumus (mothers) or Duh Duhs (fathers) for the pookies to be adopted (picked) by. Most pookies are yellow and wear items like the Bee Antennae and the Tiara.

Pookie Protest

Pookie protests generally take place in the Pet Shop or in the town during an Ol Club Penguin rant. Pookies usually report pookie protestors (aka pookie abusers) and it is very likely for them to get banned. The ban time is 72 hours.



A Boy Pookie Ice Skating

  • Pookies often talk in a baby-ish language. They add a lot of W's into their words. For example, "hello" is "wewo" in pookie talk.
  • They often wear Pre-school clothes. You can see a list of what Pookies wear, here.
  • One way pookies get attention is by clinging to the first person they see, so they can get picked.
  • Sometimes (it depends on the personality), pookies ignore and report penguins that dont adopt them or those who are protesting against pookies. Many pookies will ignore or report "followers", or people that go to their Mumu or Duh Duh's igloo without being asked.
  • Some pookies will refuse to go with any mumu. They call themselves "divas" and are very picky as to what their mumus look like. They usually prefer mumus wearing a boa, diva sunglasses, and the Sidetied.

Pookies on sleet

Pookies on a server

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