Pookies are abused by Pookie Haters in disguise because they don't agree with pookies. They will abuse them in many ways. Abusers like pookie abusing because they think it is not cute when a pookie cries or they just hate pookies in general.

Ways they abuse

  • Attempting to skill (kill) them
  • Shooting them
  • Scarring them
  • Kitting (hitting) them
  • Wicking (kicking) them
  • Bitting (biting) them
  • Bunching (punching) them
  • Throwing them in the oven
  • Locking them in a cage
  • Hitting them with a baseball bat/golf club/frying pan etc
  • Poisoning them
  • Burning their clothes
  • Starving them
  • Holding their head underwater
  • Isolating them
  • Threatening them
  • Hanging them
  • Throwing various objects at them (rocks, boxes etc)
  • Whipping them with a belt or rope
  • Throwing them out the window
  • Feeding them animal food
  • Putting their teddy in a shredder
Pookie abuse

A picture of pookies getting abused.

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