Pookie Actors are pookies who are actors and actresses. They will usually say "is actress/actor", and will maybe say they're famous. This will annoy some of the penguins in the room and are sometimes called a "drama llama" or "show off". They are somewhat common on the Club Penguin App.

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Actress pookies normally wear pink clothes or rare clothes, while actor pookies wear rare items and blue items. This is not always the case.

Common Phrases

  • "is famous actress/actor!"
  • "red carpet rolls!"
  • "adjusts (insert adjective and color) boa!"
  • "copy kitty!" (when another pookie says they're a famous actress/actor)

What Do They Wear?

They normally wear dresses, tuxedos if they are male, anything that is rare. Not all pookie actors wear rare items, so don't judge from what you see!

Head items:

Face items:

Neck items:

  • Boa (any color, especially the rare pink one)
  • Leopard Scarf
  • Blue Scarf
  • Pink Scarf
  • Big White Scarf
  • Disgusted Hankerchief (Inside Out party)
  • Lavender Knit Scarf
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Star Necklace (uncommon)

Body items:

  • Hoodie (any color)
  • Suede Jacket (any color)
  • Jean Jacket
  • Any kind of dress
  • Pink or Blue Duffle Coat
  • Any letterman jacket
  • Fireman Jacket
  • Daisy Zippered Hoodie (Blue or Pink)
  • Pop Girl T-Shirt
  • Lady's Gown
  • Lavender Gown
  • Spring Dress

Hand items:

Feet items

  • Ballet Shoes
  • Bunny Slippers
  • Any kind of flipflops/sandals
  • Fuzzy Boots
  • Any checkered shoes
  • Any kind of Stillettos


  • All pookies that act are usually just called actors, regardless of their gender.
  • They are almost always rich, mean, and spoiled girl pookies.
  • They are usually Divas, MELDs Drama Llamas, or Domino Divas. This is not always true, however.

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