When Will You Need To Use Pookie First Aid (PFA)?

There are multiple times in which you will need to use PFA. Some of these are:

  • when the pookie is drowning.
  • when one of the pookie's bones is fractured, broken, or sprained.
  • when the pookie is burnt.
  • when the pookie faints or goes into a coma.
  • when the pookie is stabbed, cut, or any other version of being hurt by something sharp.
  • when the pookie is bitten by an animal.
  • when the pookie has been poisoned or eats something they are highly allergic to.
  • when the pookie can't breathe.

How Do You Use PFA?

1. CPR

If the pookie can't breathe, has fainted, or is drowning, this is a situation in which you should use CPR. To use CPR, follow these steps.

First, check to see if the pookie is breathing. If they aren't, then proceed to the next step. If they are, first try waking them up. If this doesn't work, then proceed to the next step.

Second, put your hands over their heart and push on it (simplified version of actual CPR).

Next, put your mouth over theirs and blow air into them. “Give” them two full breaths.

Last, repeat the steps until the pookie is breathing or has woken up.

2. PFA For Stab Wounds

If the pookie has been stabbed or cut, follow these steps.

First, clean any “red stuff” (blood) or other icky stuff off the pookie's wound with a clean, wet washcloth or other piece of cloth. This will help prevent infection, which can make your poor pookie very sick.

Second, get out some clean bandages or material for stitches. If the pookie needs stitches, you will need something to thread them in with. Then sew them in. This will be painful for the pookie, so you might want to give them something to bite on or squeeze. If the pookie does not need stitches, just wrap the bandages around the wound and secure them with medical tape.

Third, give the pookie a sling if necessary. It will be necessary if the pookie cannot move their arm or it is too painful to move their arm.

Last, take the pookie to a hospital or call an ambulance. This way, you can get professional help.

3. PFA For Broken, Fractured, Sprained, and Dislocated Limbs

Firstly, if the pookie's limb is fractured, broken, or sprained, wrap bandages around it. If it is dislocated, do not wrap bandages around it.

Secondly, if the limb IS NOT dislocated, make sure the pookie doesn't move it around or use it. This will not be good for the pookie. If the limb IS dislocated, grab the limb firmly and snap it back into place.

Thirdly, make a sling for the limb, if it is an arm. If it is a leg, make a splint.

Fourthly, call for professional medical help.

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