A newborn discolored pookie ghost.

When pookies die, they sometimes turn into a Ghost. Pookie ghosts sometimes act a little more mature then typical pookies and sometimes speak normally. Dead pookies usually turn into ghost when the mumu's or duh duh's tears fall onto the grave where the pookie was buried. However, this is not always the case. They can be both good or evil. If the fam fam has other pookies, the other pookies might get scared of the ghost, regardless of if he or she is good, or evil.


Pookies normally wear the ghost costume or the angel wings. They may have their favorite item in their old life such as their favorite stuffed animal. Sometimes, they will wear the mummy costume if they do not have the ghost costume, but this is not seen very often since the ghost costume is unlockable.


Angels are a type of good pookie ghost. They normally look like they are alive, but they have angel wings and sometimes the angel dress.


An angel.

Good Pookie Ghosts

A good pookie ghost will be obedient and respectful of the family they will always be with. They try to help out their home families in any way they can. Good ghosts form when the death of the pookie has nothing to do with being adopted.

Evil Pookie Ghosts

An evil pookie ghost haunts the family they are with. They destroy the family's sacred posssesions and scare pookies. Evil ghosts form if the pookie dies from being abused or neglected. 


  • Sometimes, instead of becoming a ghost after death, pookies will log off or go to the Pet Shop.
  • They might have powers, like walking through walls, as ghosts are speculated to do this.
  • Non-member ghosts might wear the ghost costume, or just the color white.

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