Pookie haters protesting against pookies

Pookie Haters are common in the pookie society.  As their name suggests, Pookie Haters hate pookies and wish for them to die out or be banned.  They try to ban the pookies or make them stop being a pookie, and they sometimes succeed, but most of the time they are too violent and they themselves get banned.

Types of Haters

There are multiple types of Pookie Haters.  Each type of hater has a different technique in bullying pookies.


Normal pookie haters usually want pookies to die out or get banned. But they normally try to avoid the places inhabited by pookies.


Picketer pookie haters are people who just riot against pookies.


Scary Pookie Haters mostly try to scare pookies, not hurt them.  They may hide in igloos and pop out at the pookies, they may threaten to hurt them, use scary objects to scare them, etc. These Pookie Haters try to frighten the pookies and make them upset or cry. They usually have no intention in hurting the pookies or killing them.


These Pookie Haters are different.  They try as hard as they can to kill or hurt pookies.  They just want them to die and be gone.  They may fight in combat or in weaponry, and may do whatever it takes just to kill one pookie.  They are often satisfied when a pookie is killed, but they go along and try to kill the next one in line.


Disguised Pookie Haters dress up as a Fam Fam member, whether it be a mumu, duh duh, sibling, uppie, or any other household member.  Once they get picked and unlock their Fam Fam's trust, they often kill or hurt members of the Fam Fams (mostly the pookies).  However, these haters die out fast.  This is often because they decide to stop hating and start loving pookies once they roleplay as pookies to unlock their Fam Fam's trust.  Mostly they notice how the Fam Fam is peaceful, then they feel sympathy and turn into a lover.


  • Pookie Haters are dying out lately because of nobody caring for pookies anymore.
  • The Pookie Hater Defense (PHD) is a group of Pookie Haters that hate for a living.
  • The Pookie Protection Program (PPP) works hard to reduce Pookie Haters.
  • Some of them protest on Youtube
  • The population of pookies on CP now are 39%. The population of pookies on CPPS's is 52%

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