Being the Most Meanest Mumu On Club Penguin02:48

Being the Most Meanest Mumu On Club Penguin

A mean pookie hater posing as a mumu

Pookie Haters In Disguise are penguins who pretend to be uppies, kitties, mumus, duh duhs, biggies, middles, and pookies, but are actually penguins who dislike pookies and want to skill (kill) them.

What they do

  • They look as if they were a regular family member but often insult and bully pookies around them
  • Some dress as pookies and then behave like a MELD
  • The most common case is when they dress like a mumu or a duh duh and abuse the pookie at their own igloo
  • They often go up to pookies and make rude comments as well as hurting the pookie  
  • They may annoy pookies, like going in front of them and farting, or following them.  

What to do if you encounter one

The most effective thing to do is report them. If you or someone else is being attacked by one of the pookie haters, report them and let Club Penguin take care of the rest.

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