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An example of a pookie protest.

A Pookie Protest is where penguins go into the Pet Shop and shout stuff like " NO MORE POOKIES" or "STOP POOKIES" and "DOWN WITH POOKIES" and "PUFFLES ONLY".  Pookie Haters usually do this and hurt the pookies while doing it. The PPP can report people who join the protest, pookies also report pookie haters who do this and they can get banned. The ban time is 72 hours. EPF Agents can also stop pookie protests,however most of them are Pookie haters themselves. One penguin formed the Puffle Protection Program to help puffles in danger, just like pookies.


  • Club penguin staff that spot this ban the penguin who started it.
  • As pookie protectors, it is their job to save pookes and arrest pookie haters who start protests.
  • People who are part of the Club Penguin staff that don't like the pookie idea can ban pookies who are being hurt by pookie haters during protests which rarely happen.
  • On the 4th of August 2014, there claims to be a massive riot happening on Club Penguin. Here's a letter that says it all:
  • Pookies who have mumus that dislike them join the protest and "skill" their pookie or pookies.

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