There are lots of servers in Club Penguin, but there are only a few that pookies tend to go on. Pookies are most likely to be found on servers with 4-5 bars.

Some pookie servers


Pookies on Blizzard, the most popular pookie server.

These are servers that pookies usually will go on.

  • Blizzard (most popular member server)
  • Ice Berg (most popular non-member server)
  • Abominable

Note: Pookie servers are constantly changing! Sometimes you might find tons of pookies on a server, and the next day, there might only be one or two pookies there.

How you can tell if a server is a pookie server?

You can tell a server is a pookie server if it is highly populated, with around 4 to 5 bars. The number one way to tell if a server is a pookie server is to go to the Pet Shop. If there are mumus and pookies waddling around, then clearly, it is a pookie server! You might even find pookies wandering around other places on the island that aren't the Pet Shop.


  • Servers with safe chat are almost never pookie servers.
  • Pookies usually go on a server that they know will usually have a lot of pookies on it.
  • In the mobile version of Club Penguin, all or most pookies are adopted in the Coffee Shop.
  • The server Blizzard is the most popular pookie server as of 2016.

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