Pookie Slang is the "language" used by Pookies to make them sound more like babies and toddlers rather than grown up penguins.

Basic Pookie Slang

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A pookie saying hello

Word Pookie version
Hi, Hello Hwi, Wewo, Wello, Hewwo
Me Mwe, Meh, Mweh
Mom, Mum Mumu, Mommy, Mummy, Mama
Dad Duh Duh, Dada, Dudu, Daddy
Yes, Yeah Wes, Ywes, Weah, Yweah
No, Nope Nwo, Mo, Nwope
Thanks Wanks, Tanks, Banks, Twanks
You Woo
Your, You're Woor, Woo're
Please Pwease
Dog Uppie, Puppy, Pup
Cat Kitty, Kitten, Kwitty
Yay Yway, Way
Crying noise Wwaa, Waa, Waah
Cries Cwies
Brother Broder, Bro, Bwoder
Sister Wista, Sissy, Swister, Sista
Big brother or sister Biggy
Okay Okay, Wotay, Okway
Hungry Hungy, Hungwy, Hwungry
Swim, Swimming Swimmy, Swim Swim
Hugs Wugs, Hwugs
Little Wittle, Lwittle
Lost Wost
Chubby Chwubby, Chub Chub, Wubby
Play Pway, Plway
Teddy Tweddy
Help Welp, Hwelp
Igloo Iggy, Igi, Igwu, Iglwoo

Rare pookie slang

These words are rarely ever used by pookies.

Word Pookie version
Mean penguin Meanie, Meanie Beanie, Meanie Bo Beanie
Wanting to be picked up Uppy Uppy
Insult, actual meaning not specified Ploopy
Ugly Awh glee, Ugwy, Uglwy
Injury Boo Boo
Flipper Fwipper, Ipper, Wipper
Feet Feetsies, Fweet
Toes Twosies, Toesies
Diaper Dippi, Dippy, Dipies

New Pookie Slang

If a penguin is new to being a Pookie, they are likely to not use Pookie Slang as they will not understand it. It is a common way to separate a new pookie from an experienced one, except if an experienced pookie wants to use proper grammar instead of pookie slang. This is rare, though.

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