Pookie visitors are people who visit pookies either at their mumu/duh duh's house or just in the pet shop. Pookie

A bunny pookie visitor being told to leave.

visitors can either be nice or mean. They are not seen very often. Most pookies don't like pookie visitors and normally pretend they are not there, or say "stranger danger". Sometimes they get ignored. Rarely, the visitor may be another penguin that is your family member's friend.  

A pink pookie visitor just standing there.



An uppie's friend.

  • Pookie visitors are sometimes pookie haters or abusers.
  • Pookies do not like visitors and ignore/report them usually.
  • Pookie visitors are not very common because of reporting and ignoring.
  • Most pookie visitors just stand in your house.
  • Pookies may report visitors.
  • Very likely, when they enter the mumu or duh duh's home the pookie will shout "Stwanger Danger!"
  • Some visitors may be a Pookie Protector.
  • They can be the parents' friend.
  • They could just be there because your Igloo is on the map and they want to check out Igloos on the map.
  • The most common form of visitors are other pookies who did not get picked. For example, a pookie who wants the rich mumu does not get picked so they follow the fam fam to the igloo. They will often be kicked out very quickly, or rarely, adopted in.

A pookie visitor being ignored.


A pookie visitor being bit.

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